Why Should I Choose Virtual Care?

Making time for routine appointments is difficult, and getting emergency care is nearly impossible. Your days seem shorter than ever, scheduling is like pulling teeth, and once you finally get there, you wait an hour past your appointment time. On top of that, when you’re sick, these appointments can be unexpected and are always on your busiest days. 

Instead of crawling out of bed sick and making the trip for a ten-minute appointment, consider virtual care from the comfort of your own home.

Why Choose Virtual Healthcare?

If we were to write every reason why virtual healthcare is the better option, this blog wouldn’t end. Instead, we’ve broken down the reasons to choose virtual healthcare into 5 sections.

1. Convenient access to 24/7 healthcare
2. Affordable healthcare option
3. Quick, quality clinician visits
4. When you don’t have a regular clinician
5. You want to feel better faster

1. Convenient Access to 24/7 Healthcare 

Let’s face it. Nearly every time you or your child gets sick is at night, on the weekends, or on holidays when the doctor isn’t open. Or, you just can’t fit your schedule into the limited doctor’s office hours. 

Enter virtual care. 

Virtual care offers 24/7 healthcare. You can speak with a clinician anytime without waiting or making a trip to the emergency room.

From newborns to seniors, virtual care offers you the convenience your busy schedule demands.

2. Affordable Healthcare Option

 With virtual care, you often save yourself an expensive trip to the emergency room. Additionally, time is money and at the ER, the wait time is typically extremely long. 

With or without insurance, virtual care is a quicker and lower-cost option for low-acuity healthcare versus an emergency room visit.

3. Quick, Quality Clinician Visits

Have you ever put off care because your schedule doesn’t allow the time? Or do you live in a rural area where access to healthcare is out of your way? 

Virtual care may be the solution for you.

4. When You Don’t Have a Regular Clinician

If you move, are heading off to college, or just don’t have a regular clinician, it may be difficult to get into a new physician quickly. When you’re not established with a clinician, typically the days you can come in are limited. 

If you need a basic prescription refill or have mild symptoms such as your sinuses acting up or your throat being scratchy, don’t wait around on a new clinician. Virtual healthcare is simple and can resolve your issue in minutes. 

5. You Want to Feel Better Faster

With traditional healthcare, if you or your child (or both) get sick, you have to call for an appointment that could be weeks away. By then, untreated illnesses can leave you sicker than you were before or spread to your entire family. 

Then, once you finally get into the in-person appointment, you take time off work or school to sit in a waiting room and your child ends up with another sickness. It’s a never-ending cycle.

Sound familiar? 

Skip the waiting room and being sick for months on end. Virtual care allows you to get treatment quickly and feel better even faster. 

Simplify Your Health with Virtual Care

With virtual healthcare, as soon as you feel sick, you connect to a clinician on your phone, tablet, or computer. You review your symptoms and tell your clinician what brought you to your virtual visit. From there, you’ll receive a diagnosis and treatment plan.Before you know it, you are on the path to feel better.

Having a quick healthcare response gives you peace of mind, especially with children. Knowing you can call a clinician and have an answer in minutes is every parent’s dream. With virtual care, it’s a possibility. 

Connect with a Clinician

TeamHealth VirtualCare offers fast, convenient, and affordable medical care online.

TeamHealth VirtualCare provides secure access 24/7 to a clinician from wherever is convenient to you. You can quickly connect with a virtual clinician. Use your phone, tablet, or computer for easy access. Day, night, weekends or even holidays, virtual care is here when you need it.



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