The Flu & Flu Shot Myths Exposed

Our own Dr. Joe Chow has worked with us to expose common medical myths and give you the facts. Unfortunately, medical myths spread quickly and might cause more worry than necessary. 

3 Common Misconceptions About the Flu & Flu Shot

When it comes to the flu and flu shot, there are three common myths or misconceptions. 

MYTH #1: The flu shot can give you the flu.

Fact: Flu shots are inactive viruses and cannot give you the flu. You may experience other side effects from the flu shot, such as localized pain at the injection site. You

MYTH #2: If you see green, you need antibiotics.

Fact: We raise a red flag on this myth! Anything that sits around long enough in a moist, dark area – like the inside of your nose – will turn green. Green drainage from your nose can be bacterial. It can also be a virus that does not respond to antibiotics!

MYTH #3: The white stuff in your throat means you have strep.

Fact: This is a white lie, now exposed! When you have a sore throat, the white stuff you see could be a virus, such as mono, or debris in the tonsils.

Medical Myths Exposed

Now that these myths are out in the open, keep these in mind when you or your child is feeling sick. Use these facts as a guide, then get a qualified diagnosis and a suggested treatment plan when needed.

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